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1840 a tradition is born


1840 Isidoro Balaguer

1910 Francisco Fernández Folch

1940 Vda. De Francisco Fernández

1941 Ricardo Fernández Balaguer

1982 Hijos de R. Fernández Balaguer


5 Generations support the tradition of this family business,focus on the creation and make, of high class trimming products.

In 1840 Isidoro Balaguer founded in Valencia the company and Ricardo Fernandez Balaguer, continued and expanded his grandfather´s tradition and internationalized the business.

We are very proud to say that, with our work, we have contributed to the artistic trimming develope.

The more than 175 years of history of our company, are the warranty of the knowledge, and experience, and with the perspective which give us the tradition  achived, with the handmade work, and the latest technology , it makes our brand unique in the industry.


We work for our customers, one our main streghts is our flexibility to your needs, our fast service, and taylor made products.

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