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We are used to seeing window displays with new season items and their accessories. Today we want to focus on the process behind the product reaching stores, from the initial design of a collection to its launch on to the market. This process generally lasts one year.  Today`s special Fashion accessories.




  1. Design

Fashion designers create a collection based on the new trends. The garment, fabrics to use, styles, colours and patterns and its accessories are conceived in the design phase.



There are a multitude of materials and clothing accessories that are used to be integrated into garments. A clear example from this 2018/2019 season are fringes, pompoms and tassels, among others.

  1. Patterns

Once the garment has been decided, its sketch or prototype will be projected on to paper. This is the pattern designing phase in which the pattern is manufactured with the measurements.


  1. Manufacturing and quality testing

The manufacturing of a garment or collection is a long process during which the parts will be made separately and joined together at the end. Like in other sectors, the garment will also pass through controls to certify that it meets the project’s expectations.


Fashion Accessories

Our company works with sector professionals to create and manufacture garments. Our collaboration is based on the decorative trimming accessories that we manufacture with tailor-made and customised designs.


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