Decorative trimmings for dresses,

Accessories are setting the trend this season. You can now manufacture your garments to give them more of an “it” look. Here are some ideas to create your most on-trend designs with our decorative trimming accessories for dresses and other garments.


Decorative trimmings for dresses

You can now update garments you have in your wardrobe or create new garments with Fernández Balaguer decorative trimming items and achieve this season’s styles.


Marine or military style:

Create this look with our accessories for uniforms: buttons, shoulder pads, toggles, braids, etc. A wide selection of colours and fabrics. You can add a stylish military or marine touch with shoulder pads or buttons for your jacket or shirt.

Brights and metallics.

We will find these colours on all types of garments, not only at end of year celebrations but all season long: on dresses, bags, boots, miniskirts, etc.

Customise your garments with our metal, rayon and fancy braids.

Fringes and velvet.

These fabrics are also very popular on fashion garments.

We encourage you to check out all our items on our website. We offer a service that is adaptable to the needs of our customers.

Decorative trimmings for dresses

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Decorative trimmings for dresses

Fernández Balaguer is a company with a long tradition in the manufacturing and wholesale of decorative trimming items both nationally and internationally. Distribution to clothing wholesalers. If you would like more information, please contact with us. We will be delighted to help you and offer our possibilities. +contact