Clothing accessories

Clothing accessories

The design and manufacturing project of a textile garment is a process. In its initial design stage, we are already thinking of fashion accessories, clothing accessories and fabrics that will form a part of it. The textile industry is turning to decorative trimming items to complement their designs. Ornaments that suit all types of textiles both in fashion and at home.


Our company has spent years working with professionals and different sectors to complement our decorative trimming items with their creations. We can currently see the trend of their application in all types of products such as shoes, jackets, skirts, trousers, cushions, curtains, among others; they are very fashionable accessories.


Fernández Balaguer has an extensive range of tassels, braids, fringes, buttons, laces, etc. We adapt to the customer’s individual design, with an in-house and quality manufactured product.

The company with a long tradition in the manufacture and wholesale of high trimming articles both nationally and internationally. Distribution to clothing wholesalers. If you want more information, contact us, we will be happy to assist you and offer you our possibilities; we offer an adaptable and personalized service.

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